Drop out student got admission in school after 2years

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Jagannath Sahi slum near kalinga Stadium has been relocated to Pandakudia before two years. Gangadhar Singh and Rajesh Singh’s father, who is not financially secure, cut his name from the previous school and went to Kalinga Vidyapeeth, Shampur to enroll, but the headmaster refused to enroll because he did not have an Aadhaar card.

The CSNR (Center For Sustainable Use of Natural and Social Resources) organization had filed a complaint in OSCPCR. After receiving the notice from OSCPCR, headmaster of Kaling vidyapitha agreed to give admission to Rajesh singh as he has aadhar card and again he refused to enroll Ganga.

Later, with the help of CSNR and RUCHIKA CHILDLINE, the enrollment of Ganga has done in ninth grade. CSNR officials promised to submit the Aadhaar card of Ganga in School. At the time of Admission, Csnr staff and ruchika childline staffs were present in school.

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