After Mumbai, Bhubaneswar opened up drive-in vaccination centre at Esplanade Mall

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To avoid overcrowding in every zone centre across the city, Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) launched its first drive-in vaccination program on Friday at Esplanade Mall for 45+ people for the second dose. This concept was first introduced in dream city Mumbai.

The vaccination drive will be carried out at the exit point of the mall’s parking lot. Booking of the slots for the vaccination began at 5 pm Friday. While 400 slots have been made available for May 8, around 500 slots would be available from May 10-15 on a daily basis.

The beneficiaries need to carry their Aadhaar cards and verification slip of the first dose.

The BMC Commissioner, Prem Chandra Chaudhary stated that only two people would be allowed into the vaccination facility in case of four-wheelers while one would be allowed for two-wheelers following all the COVID norms including social distancing. ”

“This vaccination centre has been launched on a pilot basis and we are planning to open similar centres after analysing the efficacy of the Esplanade drive-in programme, ” The Commissioner Chaudhary added.

Guidelines for vaccination at Esplanade:

1. The intending citizens for this facility will have to drive in vehicle to the Esplanade Mall Parking Lot Entry as per the slot booked by them.

2. Wait for your turn inside the vehicle at Parking lot.

3. Please don’t come out of vehicle.

4. The vaccination will be at the exit point.

5. After vaccination at the exit point you can drive out and wait outside the parking lot for 30 minutes for observation and can disperse after that.

6. Without slot booking number no vehicle will be allowed inside the parking lot for vaccination drive.

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