APPLE technique to deal with anxiety and worry

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Let’s talk about the APPLE techniques to deal with anxiety and worry. When we are anxious, we trend to over-estimate the danger, and the odds, if bad things happening, and we underestimate our ability to cope if or when those bad things happen.

When anxious thoughts and worries come try to practice these five APPLE steps

1. A- Acknowledged- Notice the uncertainty as it comes to mind. Acknowledged what the uncertainty is about.

2. P- Pause- Don’t react as you normally do. Try not to react at all. Pause and breath. Hold on.

3. P- Pull Back- Tell yourself this is just the worry talking, and this apparent need for certainty is not helpful and not necessary. It is only a thought or feeling. Don’t believe everything you think. Thoughts are not fact.

4. L- Let Go- Let go of the thought or feeling. It will pass. You don’t have to respond to them. You can try to imagine them floating away from you in a bubble or cloud.

5. E- Explore- Explore the present moment. Notice your breathing and the sensation of your breathing. Look around and notice what you see, hear, smell, etc. Then shift your focus of attention on to something else-mindfully with your full attention.

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