Bangladesh Parliament rejects proposal by lawmaker for ban on marriages among working people

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Bangladesh Parliament on Saturday declined to consider a weird proposal by an independent lawmaker who suggested a ban on marriages among the working people to address the unemployment issue in the country, drawing criticism from fellow parliamentarians.

Lawmaker Rezaul Karim also argued that the children of working couples were often exposed to abuse by housemaids.

“Men holding jobs want to marry working women, likewise, women in service want to marry service holders. If the trend continues you can’t resolve the unemployment problem in the country,” Karim said.

The proposal created laughter in the House and several of his colleagues ridiculed him.

Law minister Anisul Huq called the proposal a manifestation of “freedom of speech”.

“I cannot move two steps off the House if I accept the proposal, this is unconstitutional,” the minister said.

Huq said being a public representative himself, he could not endanger his own career by accepting such a weird proposal.

“Since we have the freedom of speech, he (Karim) can say whatever he likes and he is taking the advantage of that freedom,” the minister said.

Karim, who became a lawmaker from a constituency in northwestern Bogra district for the first time in 2018, last year drew massive criticism by blaming the feminist campaigns for growing incidents of rape.

He also grabbed media attention the same year by posting a profile picture on his Facebook account holding a pistol in his hand.

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