Congress President Sonia Gandhi suggested to Central Govt. to help prevent the spread of COVID-19

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Covid is not a “You versus Us” Battle but is an “Us versus Corona” Battle. Today nothing is more vital than to save lives.

The abdication of leadership that we are witnessing today is shocking and culpable. It is as if our people have been abandoned by the all-around collapse of governance and the Relinquishment of responsibility.

1. Government should crack down on black marketing of life-saving essentials and ensure supply at fixed rates.

2. Ensure oxygen supply to every hospital, involve industries and make optimum use of Disaster Management Authority.

3. Create new hospital infrastructure on a war footing, partner with the private sector. Ramp up testing and tracing.

4. Financially Incentives healthcare and front line covid warriors.

5. Provide safe transportation for migrant labor from cities. Ramp up MGNREGA work across India to provide a basic income.

6. Allocate Rs6,000 per family income support without any delay.

7. Divert funds from wasteful and unnecessary projects like Central Vista.

As a country and as a democracy, India has always come together in a crisis. We have to fight this battle together as a nation..

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