Govt issues fresh guidelines on COVID-19 vaccination at workplace

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Odisha Government has issued fresh guidelines to facilitate COVID-19 vaccination at both private and government. As per the notifications issued by the State Health and Family Welfare Department, the established industries can vaccinate their employees and family members in their Hospitals but procuring vaccines of their own or if Hospital is not available, they can vaccinate their employees and family members in a workplace tagging with Private Hospital CVC.

To accelerate the COVID-19 vaccination drive, the following clarification has been issued by MoHFW.

Private Hospitals can procure vaccines directly from manufacturers to administer the same to 18-44 age groups under the liberalization vaccine pricing.

The kin or dependants of the workers as identified by the respective employees can also be covered with COVID-19 vaccination, at the industrial CVCs, private workplace CVCs, and the government workplace CVCs.

For Industrial and private workplace CVCs to cover the beneficiaries, the vaccine doses will have to be procured by the private hospitals or the industrial establishment, with who the respective employers have a tie-up for inoculation.

Government workplace CVCs, beneficiaries of 45 years and above may be covered through the Central Government’s vaccine supply and 18-44 year age group may be covered through State Government vaccine supply.

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