How to manage Anxiety around COVID-19

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Over the past few weeks, we’ve found ourselves checking the news obsessively, second-guessing everything and lying awake at night wondering what tomorrow will bring. We don’t know how we’ll pay the rent, which of our family members will get sick, how we’ll survive being at home with the family if we’ll have enough food, or how long this will go on for.

For many, this new anxiety is layered over existing fear around global warming and the day-to-day mental health issues that our busy and individualistic society makes so hard to avoid.

Let’s take a few moments, collectively to check in with our mental health.

1.Talk it out.
2. Have screen plus news-free days.
3. Exercise.
4. Get enough sleep.
5. Cut down on anxiety-fuelling behavior.
6. Make a plan you’re excited about.
7. Help other people.

Remember that this will go on for some time, but one day it too will pass.

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