How to strengthen immune system using homegrown plants

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As the fight against the COVID-19 virus begins with strong immunity. Seeing the second wave of COVID as more alarming and devastating than the previous one, it’s time to strengthen their immune system using homegrown plants and nutrients rich diets.

While COVID infected patients must strictly follow their doctor’s advice. One can opt for an immunity drink using kitchen ingredients and homegrown plants that have the power to cure a lot of ailments like cold, fever, cough and flu.

1. Tulsi: Tulsi is known as the queen of herbs. It is said to prevent disease, promote general health, well-being and longevity, and assist in dealing with the stresses of daily life.

2. Immune syrup: Mixture of Rama tulsi, bisva tulsi, curcumin. It is an instant immunity booster as-
a) It gives you good health,
b) Protects you from diseases,
c) Helps you to live a good healthy life.

3. Panch Tulsi with ginger drops: Considering as a potent adaptogen, Panch Tulsi and ginger have a unique combination of pharmacological actions that promote well-being and resilience. It increases anti-oxidation molecules and mops up damaging free radicals in the body.

Dissolvable Vitamin C tablets in water also strengthen the body’s immune response. Multivitamin capsules to re- vitalize the body as modern-day food habits don’t provide proper nutrition.

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