Ice cream makers faces crisis during summer

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Big and small ice cream makers for cone cornettos and family packs are facing crisis during there usual sales month. The cool industry is suffering losses with dip in consumption, hit by the pandemic, for the second successive summer.

According to the estimate of ResearchAndMarkets. com, the global ice cream makers reached a value of $65.8 billion in 2020, but 12,000 ice cream makers in India are facing closure in 2021.

As per India Ice Cream Manufacturers Association (IICMA), the recent RBI policy that restructures loans rather than extending the moratorium is of little help to ice cream industry.

Milk sales are up across India, but ice cream butter and cheese demand is down. Also, panchayats in some part of the country are banning ice cream sellers out of false fear that eating ice cream can cause cold. Having even an ordinary cold can mean trouble and fearful in COVID pandemic times.

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