“India is not a map but an emotion”-Rahul Gandhi

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India is not a landmass within its political boundaries but an emotion, said Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi in Malappuram on Wednesday.

“What is India? That is the political question being asked today. If you read people like Savarkar, they define India in terms of geography. They take a pen, draw a map and say this is India; outside that line it is not India (for them). For me, India is the people who live here,” he said after inaugurating a dialysis centre at Kalikavu near Wandoor.

“For RSS, India is just limited to the map. But for Congress, India and its people are an emotion,” he said at another event at Pulparambil here. “When one goes out to work and they treat others with respect there, they uphold Indian values. We see India among the thousands of Keralite nurses abroad who treat patients with respect,” he said.

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