Major opposition parties write a letter to PM

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The COVID-19 pandemic in our country has assumed an unprecedented dimension of a human catastrophe.

On Wednesday, the leaders of twelve opposition parties wrote a letter to Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, seeking a free mass vaccination campaign against COVID-19 and a suspension of the central vista revamp the coronavirus pandemic.

In a joint letter to PM, the opposition leader demanded:

1. Procure vaccines centrally from all available sources-global and domestic.

2. Immediately begin a free, universal mass vaccination campaign across the country.

3. Invoke compulsory licensing to expand domestic vaccine production.

4. Spend budgetary allocation of Rs 35,000 crores for the vaccines.

5. Stop Central Vista construction. Use the allocated money for procuring oxygen and vaccines, instead.

6. Release all money held in the unaccounted private trust fund, PMCares to buy more vaccines, Oxygen and medical equipment required.

7. Give all jobless at least Rs 6,000 per month.

8. Free distribution of food grains to the needy (over one crore tonnes of food grains are currently rotting in Central godowns.)

9. Repeal farm laws to protect lakhs of our annadatas from becoming victims of the pandemic so that they can continue to produce food to feed the Indian people.

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