Mission Shakti SHG distributed COVID kits to home Isolation patients

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Supporting Odisha’s fight against the second wave of COVID-19 Pandemic, the women empowering Self Help Group Mission Shakti have been working round the clock in manufacturing cotton masks.

The SHG has delivered another credible service in the fight against the Covid19 pandemic. Hazzi Ali PG has produced and supplied 2000 Isolation Kit bags to the CDMO office, Cuttack for distribution of Covid kits to home isolation patients.

Despite challenges around availability and supply chain management of raw materials and finished products, the contribution of mission shakti towards ensuring public health in the state has been commendable. They have seamlessly undertaken the distribution of face masks and supply of cooked meals and dry food to people in Cyclone Shelters. So far, more than1.5lakh masks have been distributed and around 50 thousand meals have been supplied by Mission Shakti SHG in the cyclone-affected areas.

The Mission Shakti SHG in Sundargarh district has been operating 10 Mobile Van units strictly adhering to the COVID-19 protocols thereby ensuring uninterrupted provisioning of essentials to 12662 households. With doorstep delivery of 21320 kg of groceries and vegetables worth Rs 3.12 lakh, the services of these frontline volunteers have been exemplary during the recent crisis.

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