No need of taking too many medicines for mild cases: Dr. Jayant Panda

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COVID-19 technical advisor of Odisha government, Dr Jayant Panda shares some vital information for mild COVID-19 infected cases and patients who are in home isolation.

According to Dr Panda only couple of medicine are necessary in cases like these. Apart from Paracetamol and Ivermectin other medicine are not required.

“There is no use of taking too many medicines. As you know it is a viral infection. The first medication is Paracetamol. We prescribe paracetamol because patients experience body ache and mild fever. In such cases, you can take paracetamol 650gm up to 2.3 or even 4 tablets daily. If the fever doesn’t subside, then you can add 2 tablets of Naproxen of 250mg. Then the next medicine to use during home isolation is Ivermectin. This Ivermectin is generally administered is doses of 12 mg for adults and 6 mg for children. This is not recommended for pregnant and lactating mothers, ” said the government adviser, Dr Jayant Panda to media.

He further added, “Apart from Ivermectin and Paracetamol there is no need for any other medicine. Then you can take vitamins like Vitamin-D, Vitamin-C, and Zine tablets. Don’t take too many antibiotics. Even it is seen that people are taking anti-virals routinely which is not required. Here, I want to discuss about Favipiravir. We had said this earlier that people with symptoms and when fever and cough is increasing and in cases where viral load is too high, the decision is taken by the doctors and the rapid response team whether to administer Favipiravir or not. This medicine is also provided by the municipality. “

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