Odisha Matric Exam marking criteria released

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Board of Secondary Examination (BSE) Odisha approves the alternative mode for giving marks to the students in matric examination in the state. As per BSE decision, the results of all examinations will announce by June 30.

Decision for marking:

1.Mark will be evaluated, based on scores of 9th and 10th class exams. However, Class 9th half-yearly, yearly exam scores to be considered.

2. Highest mark of 10th class from 2nd, 3rd, 4th practice exam marks to be taken into account.

3.40% weightage will be given to highest marks secured in Class-IX.

4.Two highest marks in all subject out of three practice tests conducted in Class-X will be given weightage of 30% each. In case any candidate has appeared in only one practice test, then 70% weightage will be given in the mark secured in Class-IX examinations (half yearly and annual).

5. Results of Annual HSC Examination conducted by B.S.E., Odisha of last four years i.e. 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020 of the schools will be analysed and basing on the best performance of the school in last four years, maximum no. of different grades bagged by each school shall be found out.

6.Basing on the grades as drawn at supra (k), marks shall be allotted to each candidate in graded manner.

7.The work of online entry of marks by mentor schools will be supervised by the respective District Education Officers with the assistance of BEOs/ ABEOs
All total 2766 schools have been selected as Mentor school to which some near by schools have been attached.

8. Headmaster of Mentor School shall upload the marks of individual schools attached to it with the support Headmaster/ school teachers of attached schools.

For School Correspondence Ex-Regular:

1.These candidates have appeared the exam once or more than once in previous years starting from Annual HSC Examination, 2014
The Board shall analyse the examination results of these candidates in which they appeared.

2. A data base of this category of candidates shall be prepared taking into account the best marks secured by the candidate in each subject Following the principle of “Average Mark”, the scores of pending subjects will be determined in order to process their results.

3.The candidates having no mark at all in any past examinations shall have to appear in offline examination when it will be held.
Correspondence Regular

4. These candidates have to appear at examination, offline when it shall be held.

For Open School Certificate Exams:

These candidates have to appear at examination offline when it shall be held.
The method of assessment for this category will be identical to that of school ex-regular candidates of HSC Examination.

For Madhyama Regular:

1.These candidates have appeared Class-IX Annual Examination and PreBoard examination in Class-X.

2. 40% weightage will be given to Class-IX Annual Madhyama Examination and 60% weightage shall be given to Class-X Pre Board Examination.

3. The results of the schools for last four years will be analysed. Basing on the best performance of the Tol during last three years, maximum no. of different grades bagged by the Tol will be found out.

4. Basing on the no. of grades determined as at “g” above, the marks shall be allotted to each candidate in graded manner.
Madhyama Ex-Regular. The method of assessment will be similar to that of Ex-Regular category of High School Certificate Examination.

Notably, BSE also clarified that in case any candidate is not satisfied with his/her mark, they can appear in the examination to be conducted offline by the Board after the pandemic situation improves.

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