Pakistan fears of terrorist attacks on border with the return of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan!

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Pakistan has the biggest hand behind the capture of Afghanistan by the Taliban. But now it is worried about his own safety. While the Taliban is busy forming a government in Afghanistan, Pak officials are worried about country’s safety.

The fear of Pakistan is that terrorist attacks could escalate on the border with the arrival of the Taliban. As a result, the Pakistani military has been on high alert at the border for the past few weeks. Islamabad is under special threat from the Pakistani Taliban, which has been carrying out deadly attacks across Afghanistan.

Thousands of Pakistani jihadists have been killed in violence over the past two decades. The security situation in Afghanistan is so weak that a few days ago, the terrorist organization IS-Khorasan carried out a suicide attack outside Kabul airport, killing more than 100 people, including 13 U.S. soldiers.

A senior Pakistani official said the next two to three months were very important. He added that Islamabad feared that terrorist attacks on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border would escalate after the Taliban rule in Afghanistan. “We (the international community) should help the Taliban build an army so that they can take control of their territory,” he said.

U.S. officials have repeatedly accused Pakistan of supporting the Taliban in Afghanistan. Islamabad, however, denies the allegations. A senior official on Pakistan’s security also said that Islamabad was preparing to send its security and intelligence officers to Afghanistan soon. It will send the head of his intelligence agency, the ISI, to Kabul to help the Taliban rebuild the Afghan army. However, the Afghan Taliban spokesman did not comment anything on this matter.

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