Panjshir valley is captured by the Taliban!

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The Taliban said on Monday they have taken control of Panjshir province north of Kabul, the Afghan capital. The province was the last holdout of anti-Taliban forces in the country and the only province the Taliban had not seized during their sweep last month. Thousands of Taliban fighters overrun eight districts of Panjshir overnight, according to witnesses from the area. They spoke on condition of anonymity fearing for their safety.

Taliban said that the Panjshir Valley has been ‘completely captured’, according to an AFP report. It said that the last Afghanistan province resisting Taliban have acknowledged suffering major battlefield losses and called for a ceasefire.

On Sunday, resistance front leader Ahmad Massoud said he welcomed proposals from religious scholars for a negotiated settlement to end the fighting. The Taliban and resistance front fighters had been locked in a battle for days.

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