Rahul Gandhi lashes out at the central Government over LPG price hike, Congress launches new campaign #IndiaAgainstBJPLoot on Twitter

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The price of domestic LPG cylinders is rising day by day. In the last 15 days, the price of non-subsidized LPG cylinders has gone up by Rs 50. Today, the price of a cylinder has gone up by another Rs 25. Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has lashed out at the central government over this. He appealed to the people to unite against this injustice.

Rahul tweeted that the government was persuading the people to sleep on an empty stomach. The country is uniting against such injustice. Rahul has written the hashtag ‘India against BJP loot’ and also shared a list of LPG prices in four metropolises that have gone up since January this year.

The Congress has consistently attacked the government over the hike in petrol, diesel and LPG prices. The party has demanded that the central government remove some taxes and reduce the prices of all these products. On the other hand, the price of LPG cylinders is rising. Earlier, on August 18, the petroleum company raised the price of a gas cylinder by Rs 25. In Delhi, the price of a 14.2 kg LPG cylinder has gone up to Rs 884.50.

Prices also rose significantly in July and August. There was no increase in cylinder prices in May and June. In April, the price of LPG cylinders rose by Rs 10. In Delhi, the price of an LPG cylinder was Rs 694 in January this year. The price of a cylinder has risen to Rs 884.50 today.

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