Rahul Gandhi slams the Modi Govt

Centre is afraid of discussion over farm laws in the parliament says Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi

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News Delhi : Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday said that the repealing of the three farm laws without debate shows that the government is “terrified” of having a discussion and somewhere they know that they have done something wrong.

Gandhi said,If they were fully in support of the farmers, what were they doing for the last 1 year, why did it take 700 dead farmers for them to repeal these laws. He pointed out on Why is the PM apologising and for what? If they have done nothing against the farmers why is he apologising and on whose behalf is he apologising?

After parliament passed ‘The Farm Laws Repeal Bill’ to repeal the three controversial agriculture laws against which farmers have been protesting for over an year. Gandhi told reporters that his party had predicted that the government will have to take it back.  Gandhi said, “power of three-four crony capitalists cannot withstand the strength of farmers and labourers”.

He also mentioned that the “repeal of the farm laws is a success of farmers and also of the country”.

With Congress leader Rahul Gandhi leading from the front poll pundits are hinting at Congress gaining grounds in the poll bound states. This is being looked at a huge embarassment to Modi government.

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