US achieved ‘zero’ in Afghanistan, Putin criticizes Biden Government

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There has been a lot of fear among the Afghan people since the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and the full acquisition of power by the Taliban there. People are concerned not only about the future of themselves and their families, but also about the safety of their lives. Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin has strongly criticized the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

President Putin has criticized US involvement in Afghanistan, saying that the United States is still “empty-handed” after 20 years of occupation of Afghanistan. For 20 years, the United States has been trying to control Afghanistan through its military. “Even after 20 years of hard work, the United States is still empty-handed,” Putin said. The Russian president added that the United States had been trying to protect the people of Afghanistan for many years. “However, everything US achieved is zero,” Putin said. The Soviet Union had previously fought and withdrawn the war in Afghanistan for 10 years.

With the withdrawal and closure of US troops from Kabul airport, a large number of people are now moving to the border. The Taliban has taken complete control of Afghanistan. The U.S. military has now withdrawn completely. Earlier, in the last 20 years, a large number of Afghans who have helped Western countries have flown flights from the United States.

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